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It has been an honor to participate in this seminar on marine renewable energy in the Caribbean, where many islands are very vulnerable to climate change and are dependent on fossil energy.

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We have attended the ECCAC in Dublin. Very excited about our participation in such important events where we have continued to learn and do our bit.

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06.06.2023- 07.06.2023 | GREEN WEEK BRUSSELS. 

We attended Green Week to analyze and discuss the progress we have made, without losing sight of all the measures we need to take to protect the environment in the future.



03.06.23 | WEBINAR WATER, OUR LIFE IN DANGER. Elena López-Gunn and I have participated in the webinar "Water, our life in danger. Addressing the drought crisis" of the Valencian Community delegation of Equipo Europa.


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22.03.23 - 24.03.2023 | UN 2023 WATER CONFERENCE. The Spanish ambassadors have organized a side event on the European Climate Pact during the UN Water Conference in New York.


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06.03.23 - 07.03.2023 | I Sustainable Development Fair. The first sustainable development fair in Ceuta was held with great success.


25.02.23 - 04.03.2023 | V Climate and Environment Week of Quart de Poblet. Carmen will attend the meeting to be held on March 1 at the CIN Centro de Interpretación de la Naturaleza.

we accelerate

28.02.23 | Facing the Current Crises: Are we accelerating the green economy? Carmen will attend the meeting to be held on February 28 at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid.


17.02.2023 | Webinar on The European Green Pact . Carmen presented the European Green Pact and the European Climate Pact in a Webinar organized on February 17 by Nivalion AG and Wõss & Partners on environmental, social and governance issues in corporate supply chains in the European Union.


09.01.23 - 10.01.2023 | Iberoamerica in mediation and international conflict resolution . Carmen attended these conferences where the former presidents of Colombia and Costa Rica, among others, gave lectures and participated in round tables.


Feel the Mediterranean

29.11.22 | Feel the Mediterranean. Day organized by Europa Direct to celebrate the Mediterranean Day.


25.11.22 | Climathon. Carmen participated in this event in Madrid with the aim of discussing the problems presented as challenges and then comparing possible solutions and proposals in different groups on the European Green Pact, European Climate Pact and COP27.



24.11.22 | Presentation on the European Pact and the COP27 for Climate in Spain at the National Environmental Congress in Madrid (CONMA).

For more information, click here.

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14-18.11.22 | Second week of COP27 in Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Carmen organized a side event on the European Climate Pact in Spain at COP27. The role of the EU Climate Pact Ambassadors and the involvement of Spanish civil society in climate action was discussed with the help of some of the fellow ambassadors such as Maria Serra, Miguel Aª Muñoz, Tomas Molina, the Spanish Climate Change Assembly deputy Mayte Hidalgo, IPCC scientist Elena Lopez Gunn and the winners of the Climate Generation COP27 contest, Ana Belén Torrejón and Ismael Sadeq.

Carmen de dorao

28.10.22 | Speech "Children's rights. The right to the future". Carmen participated in a gala on the occasion of the concert "Alas en tus pies" in the auditorium of Santiago de Compostela, organized by Gema Arias of Pianoma Internacional, with the collaboration of the Asociación de Periodismo Social de Galicia and the Portal de la Infancia. The event focused on children's rights and child abuse. Carmen pointed out the need to protect children and recognize all their rights without discrimination or inequality, including the right to the future, something that requires acting with determination against climate change.

Beach collection

Day 3
07.10.22 | Waste collection in the natural reserve of AiguaMolls de L'empordà..
Carmen participated in the Euro regional waste collection day in the AiguaMolls Nature Reserve together with the ESO students of the Castelló d'Empúries secondary school and other ambassadors of the European Climate Pact, coordinated by the Euro region Pyrenees-Mediterranean, composed of Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Occitania. In total, 2,050 kg of garbage were collected on the beach of Can Comes. Afterwards, the ambassadors, Carmen and the volunteers participated in a discussion on botellones, to analyze possible prevention measures and alternatives to the waste found.


Day 2
06.10.22 | Day on Youth and Climate Change.
On Thursday morning took place the main day of the meeting: "Youth and Climate Change". More than thirty ambassadors met at the Representation of the European Union in Barcelona to discuss the role of young people in climate change and share their expectations for the COP 27. The day was opened by Marc Sanglas, Director General of Environmental Quality and Climate Change of the Generalitat, and Manuel Szapiro, Director of the Representation of the European Commission in Barcelona. Carmen then moderated the discussion "Climate Change, a global challenge with local impact" in which she stressed "the need to mobilize citizens to act concretely and ambitiously in order to enjoy a planet with no expiration date". Other speakers included Vera Estefanía, from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, who considered COP27 to be an opportunity for international collaboration to face an increasingly complex context. On the other hand, Tomás Molina, head of Meteorology at Televisió de Catalunya and ambassador of the European Climate Pact, made a keynote presentation on climate change and its impact on our lives as well as the need for training on the new meteorological phenomena that are affecting the planet.

It is worth noting that the real protagonists of the meeting were the young people. Both the ambassadors and guests from other entities gave various talks and a round table discussion on the role of the younger generations in climate change. A generational discussion moderated by Maria Serra, ambassador of the European Climate Pact, in which they talked about the concept of "eco-anxiety", a feeling that many young people suffer from the current climate situation and its consequences, and the need to rethink the current economic and social system. The day ended with an interesting debate and conclusions from all the participants.


IV Meeting of the Ambassadors of the European Climate Pact in Barcelona


Carmen, in collaboration with some Spanish ambassadors of the European Climate Pact, organized the fourth meeting of the Climate Tour of Spain in Barcelona. This is an initiative that aims to bring together ambassadors in different parts of the country to spread their climate message. The occasion brought together a large number of Spanish ambassadors, representatives of institutions and members of the public. Previous meetings took place in Madrid, Valencia and Aranda del Duero.

Day 1
05.10.22 : Visit to the Ciutadella Park.

On Wednesday there was a visit and an informal meeting of ambassadors at the Ciutadella Park.


30.09.22 | Building South Youth II: young people as agents of change.
The student association AIESEC Seville, in collaboration with the University of Seville, organized this event with the aim of making young people visible as active agents of change and aligning their entrepreneurship projects with the 2030 agenda to build a better future. Carmen was invited by Ambassador José Antonio Fernández, founding partner of Ok Planet, to talk about the European Climate Pact and the various initiatives it proposes.


28.09.22 | Nextextilegeneration: integrating the SDGs into the fashion and textile industries.

Carmen participated in a webinar organized by the Finnova Foundation in the framework of the European project CircularInnoBooster Fashion and Textile (F&T). During her intervention, Carmen ratified the urgency of implementing the SDGs in the textile industry and affirmed that the current economic model is unsustainable. The ambassador stated that textile companies must take care of the planet and biodiversity, betting on the circular and social economy.


19.09.22 | Textiles, fashion and the European Climate Pact.

The meeting "Innovating in fashion and circular textile" took place within the framework of the Valencia Disseny Week, held every year by the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV). Carmen was invited as a panelist by the Finnova Foundation and gave a virtual presentation on the need to create a circular, green and regenerative textile industry. The ambassador pointed out that the production and consumption of this sector represents one of the most polluting activities on the planet.

EEB Meeting

02.09.22 | European Citizens' Meeting (EBB). 

Carmen attended the EBB 2022 conference organized in Kassel, Germany aimed at fostering a sense of European citizenship. Carmen participated in the workshop "Ukraine, Germany and Europe", a discussion focused on Putin's current invasion, and the assistance provided by Germany and the European Union to the Ukrainian population. On the other hand, the ambassador participated in the workshop "A Green Deal for Europe", sharing experiences on how to deal with the climate crisis. Carmen also participated in a demonstration for a stronger Europe.

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30.06.22 - 01.07.22| Rural Climate Forum 2022 in Aranda del Duero. The third meeting of the Network of Spanish Ambassadors of the European Climate Pact was held in the Burgos town, after the past appointments in Madrid and Valencia. The ambassadors reflected on and shared solutions to the environmental problems of the countryside and empty Spain. The aim was to jointly promote rural repopulation and climate action in this important Spanish wine-growing region. 

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14.06.22 | Participation in the Circular Economy event , one more round in Valencia. A virtual talk organized by the Association of Businesswomen and Professionals of Valencia. The talk focused on circular economy and the European Climate Pact.

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23.05.22 | Innovate4climate 2022. Carmen attended the World Bank's Washington-based conference for young innovators from around the world committed to climate action. The ambassador gave a presentation on "Thinking global and acting local" at the opening of the event. This program provided an intergenerational exchange of ideas between climate leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as young people and experts in the field.


20.05.22 | Participation in the FourthColloquium on Mountains and Climate Change in Bilbao. Carmen was invited by the Working Community of the Pyrenees to give a presentation on the European Climate Pact and explain the mission of the Ambassadors. The event, led by the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory, took place in Bilbao and was attended by organizations specialized in different fields. The main objective of the meeting was to reflect on the initiatives of cooperation and climate action between the different Pyrenean territories.


13.05.22 | Conducting the Climate Mural Workshop at the University of Valencia. Carmen and Encarna Ribera led this activity at the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia at the invitation of Professor Clara Portela.


05.05.22 | Talk on the European Climate Pact organized by GEA. Carmen gave a talk on the Green Pact and the European Climate Pact at the Itaca Bookstore in Valencia. The conference gave way to an interesting debate on ecological and solidarity issues.


29.04.22 | Angriffskrieg Putins auf die Ukraine und seinen Angriff auf die Demokratie und das Vereinte Europa sprechen. Carmen participated in an online discussion organized by the University of Osnabrück together with other European speakers on Putin's aggression against Ukraine.


26.04.22 |Talk at theCisneros Institute, Madrid Carmen was invited by the institution of secondary education in Spain, to give a talk to students on climate change as a national and European challenge. She also shared with the young people the various job and training opportunities offered by the Green Pact.

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21.04.22 | Carmen attended the exhibition "Emergency on Planet Earth" at the Centre del Carme, Valencia. A proposal of urban art that brings to the public the main environmental problems. Other Valencian ambassadors of the European Climate Pact and some members of our team also attended. 


07.04.22 |Participation in theBSIS Annual International Conference. Carmen participated virtually in the annual conference organized by the University of Kent in Brussels to talk about the close relationship between sustainability and climate change. The Ambassador shared this experience with Sara Nelen, Deputy Head of Cabinet to Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission.




05.04.22 |Participation in theEU Climate Pact Ambassadors Forum. Carmen will participate in this virtual forum from Brussels whose main objective was to exchange knowledge and experiences among ambassadors of the European Union. Carmen presented the activities carried out by the Spanish ambassadors with the aim of inspiring similar actions in the rest of Europe.



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26.03.22 |Participation in the conferenceScomettiamo sull'ambiente! Carmen took part in this conference organised by the municipality of Guardabosone with the participation of more than ten schools and ecological companies from the Piedmont region.

The participants walked through the streets of the village and witnessed all the activities developed by the students and teachers. At the end, Carmen gave a talk about climate change as an international and European challenge.



21.03.22 |Participation in theConference for a Sustainable Culture. Carmen participated in this conference organised by the Teatro Real de Madrid.

Participants were divided into different Roundtables during the two-day event where they could participate and learn about different areas of the cultural world where our climate impact can be improved.


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26.02.22 | Peer Parliaments held at the Valencia Science Museum. Carmen, together with two other Spanish ambassadors, moderated three peer parliaments simultaneously. One on sustainable consumption, one on transport and one on energy. 

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25.02.22 | Conference on the Future of Europe: The contribution of the Ambassadors for the European Climate Pact in Spain. The Spanish ambassadors met at the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia in a conference attended by representatives of Valencian institutions such as the Autonomous Secretary of Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, among others.

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24.02.22 | Educational workshop'Climate Mural' at the University of Valencia. This workshop is designed to raise awareness about climate change in a fun way. Participants must relate the causes and consequences of climate change by means of cards with text such as "CO2 emissions" or "human health". After decorating their mural, participants reflect on the complexity of climate change.


29.01.22 | Participation in a Transnational Peer Parliament. Carmen moderated a group of the participants of the peer parliament where topics such as mobility or sustainable consumption were discussed.

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29.01.22 | Participation in RTVE's Vida Verde podcast where Carmen talked about the role of the Climate Pact Ambassadors and the meeting they held last December 3rd. To listen to the episode, click here.


28.01.22 | Participation in a round table with some Climate Pact Ambassadors for the climate and environment week in Quart de Poblet (Valencia). The ambassadors presented several local initiatives, if you want to know more about them, click here.

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28.01.22 | For Tree Day in the Valencian Community, Carmen Marqués went to Sinarcas (Valencia) to help with the reforestation efforts.


21.01.22 | Radio Nacional Española broadcasted an interview with Alejandro Rodríguez and Carmen Marqués in the programme "El Gallo que no Cesa" in which the two ambassadors talked about their work for the climate. If you want to listen to the full interview, click here.

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20.01.22 | TEDx Talk, January 20 at 17h on "COP26 and the climate challenge". Click here to watch the video.



In December we interviewed Iván Santiago, CEO of Ecovending, a Valencian start-up that sells bulk cleaning products. To listen to the interview, click here.


In December, Carmen Marqués gave talks at CEU Cardenal Herrera and at the LEINN degree. In them, she spoke about the European Green Pact, the results obtained from COP26, and her role as ambassador of the European Climate Pact.

The visit to the LEINN degree was made with the entrepreneur Iván Santiago, who explained how the private sector is facing the challenges of climate change.


3.12.21 | European climate pact ambassadors met in Madrid for a launch event. They were joined by government representatives such as Teresa Solana. To read the full article, click here.


1.12.21 | Meeting with Europe Direct, priorities discussed include: the Fit for 55 package of proposals and the European Green Pact.

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25.11.21 | COP26

Publication of the article "How COP26's outcome will change your life " in which Carmen Marqués talked about her reflections and opinions on the outcome of COP26 in Glasgow. Read the article here.

10.11.21 | COP26

Participation in the COP26 EU Side Event as a panelist: "HOW TO LISTEN, HOW TO TALK AND HOW TO ACT".

talk with tomas molina

9.11.21 | COP26

Interview with Tomás Molina on TV3, during Carmen Marqués' stay in Glasgow. To see the video, click here.

5 sustainable business ideas 2

5.11.21 | Participation of Carmen Marqués in a webinar on sustainable tourism at the University of Valencia: "Tourism companies and the European climate pact".


4.11.21 | Organisation of peer parliaments with former Carmen colleagues from the College of Europe and members of our team. This innovative tool brings together our circle of friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to discuss climate issues from the perspective of each other's daily lives.


30.10.21 | Event in Carcaixent - a municipality in Valencia associated with many European municipalities - to discuss the future of Europe. Carmen attended as a speaker together with Karla Zambrano (another ambassador). To read the article, click here.

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23.09.21 | Participation in the podcast "El jardín de las Hespérides" on Onda Cero. To listen to the podcast, click here.