Valencia to be European Green Capital 2024

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Valencia has been chosen by the European Commission to be the green capital for 2024. This recognition is awarded to those cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants that demonstrate their commitment to urban ecology and environmental sustainability.

European Green Capital Award

This prize has been awarded since 2010 and is closely related to other European Commission projects on climate change and the environment, such as the Green Pact or the European Union's Biodiversity Strategy 2030.

The selection as Green Capital is accompanied by a 600,000 euro bonus, which has so far been awarded to 15 cities, namely Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria, Nantes, Copenhagen, Bristol, Ljubljana, Essen, Nijmegen, Oslo, Lisbon, Lahti, Grenoble and the current city of Tallinn.

As we can see in the list, the only Spanish city that has previously won the European Green Capital award was Vitoria in 2012. Although they have not been the only ones to apply, as Barcelona was a finalist in 2013, and Seville was also presented for the candidacy for 2023 and Zaragoza in the candidacy for 2016. Thus, two other cities in our country were awarded the European Green Leaf award, intended for cities whose population is between 20,000 and 100,000 inhabitants. First it was Mollet del Vallés in 2015 and then Cornellà de Llobregat in 2019.

The choice of the awarded city is based on 7 environmental indicators, as indicated on the official website of the European Union. These indicators are air quality, water quality and efficiency, biodiversity and green areas, circular economy, noise, climate change mitigation and finally adaptation to climate change.

European Commission

Valencia, next European Green Capital

After evaluating all these indicators, Valencia's authorities are recognized for their efforts to improve the quality of life of its citizens, 97% of whom, according to the European Commission, have a green area less than 300 meters away.

It also highlights Valencia's great cycling infrastructure, which is currently being expanded, along with the renaturalization that is being carried out through the recovery of public spaces for pedestrians, such as the pedestrianization of the most central areas of the city. In the same way, it has been taken into account the great offer of sustainable food, the natural environment such as the Albufera, and especially its membership in the European Commission's project of the 100 cities that are committed to be smart and climate neutral cities in 2030.


Written by Carmen Anahí López Del Valle García.

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