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As an ambassador my mission is to raise awareness; to support and inspire people, civil society, companies, universities and public administrations to take climate action.

At a decisive moment for our planet, while we cantinue to strugglle through a  pandemic, my intention is to cooperate with a variety of actors - including the Spanish and Valencian authorities - to imagine a better future. This will necessarily include an increased effort in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the European Climate Law, and the reinforcement of Spain's committment to the green aspects of the EU's post-pandemic recovery plan.

To achieve this, I want to spread a message of hope on social media, give lectures, write articles on the European Green Pact and the European Climate Pact, teach at university and participate in international conferences. I also want to help young people in Valencia find climate change related training, employment and exchange opportunities.

I intend to organise activities to protect marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean, plant trees and protect forests, raise environmental awareness, protect biodiversity, promote sustainable food alternatives and green buildings. I hope to achieve this by collaborating with and having the support of other Spanish Climate Pact Ambassadors and civil society.

I want to play a big role in ensuring that what is discussed in New York, Nairobi, Glasgow or Brussels has an impact in Valencia and Spain. This must be done with decisive and concrete actions, to which I plan on contribuiting. I also think it vital Spain prioritises environmental diplomacy.



I am a lawyer, a strong advocate of international cooperation in the face of global challenges, and a former EU civil servant. I see myself as Valencian, Spanish and European. Currently, I am an Ambassador for the European Climate Pact.

During the Spanish Transition I studied Law at the University of Valencia. I subsequently studied at Harvard (LLM 1986) and the College of Europe (1983). I have a PhD in international environmental law from the Complutense University of Madrid. During the 1980s, I was an assistant professor of International Law at the University of Valencia.

I decided to steer my career towards Europe because it was a historic political, economic and social opportunity for Spain. I am one of the first Spaniards that worked for Europe in 1987, starting in the European Commission and later on moving to the European External Action Service. As a European civil servant, I have mainly worked on EU foreign policy (Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus and Latin America) and issues (development aid, legal and institutional affairs, human rights and democracy, climate change and environment). I also provided support to EU delegations around the world on infrastructure projects and coordinated placement projects with EU Member States' embassies. I worked on EU relations with the Soviet Union at the time of Perestroika, then after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and contributed to the establishment of a new approach to election observation in the EU. Most recently, I was the policy coordinator for environment and water diplomacy at the European External Action Service (EEAS) and have been actively involved the Council's water diplomacy policies

I have a large international family: my husband is British and Italian and our 4 children are spread around the world. My heart is Valencian: I have been Fallera mayor of Almirante Cadarso and I love my village: Sinarcas. I like travelling, painting and sailing.



Carmen Marqués Ruiz

EU Climate Pact Ambassador

Ambassador for the European Climate Pact. Former European Civil Servant. 


Sara Carmona Navarro

Website administration and management

Soprano. Trained with great performers such as Sara Garvín, Xavier Sabata, Francisco Poyato, Felicity Lott, Simon Lepper, among others.

She has sung on numerous stages, including her recent debut at l'Eglise Madeleine in Paris.


Paula Plaza García

Social Media Manager

Graduate in Political Science and Public Management from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid.

Collaboration grant holder and member of the URJC Equality Unit.


Carmen Anahí López del Valle García

Website management and content writing

Law degree from the University of Valencia, with specialization in equality and environmental law at the University of Valencia.


Juan Jesús López


Graduate in Marine Sciences and training in communication. Press spokesperson for Equipo Europa and part of the Geopolitics Research Group of the University of Alicante developing international relations and environmental issues.



Paloma Alonso Dromant

Digital Content Creation and Monitoring European Policy

Giulia Presa Pérez

Content creation for website, social networks and newsletters


Valencia, Spain.