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What are the best environmental courses?

Welcome to our environmental course portal, your trusted source for entry into the exciting world of sustainability and conservation. At a time when environmental awareness is crucial, our suggestions offer you the opportunity to explore, understand and contribute to the protection of our planet. Whether you're an enthusiast looking to learn more or a professional looking to specialize, here you'll find a wide range of environmental courses to suit your needs and interests. Discover how you can make a difference and build a greener future, all from the comfort of your home or workplace. Dive into our course catalog and start your journey to a more sustainable world today.

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The objectives of this course are: To raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development, to help companies integrate sustainability into their business and to give ideas of actions that companies can take related to the ten principles of the global compact and the SDGs.

One of our environmental courses jewels. In this course you will learn about the 2030 agenda and its 17 sustainable goals, what role companies play in achieving these goals and practical recommendations for companies that incorporate the SDGs in their activity.

 The third course we propose, you will learn about the role of business in achieving the goals of the 2030 agenda and how to implement the SDGs and these goals in your company.

One of our most important environmental courses , as it opens an international framework. In this course you will learn the framework of the "10 principles of the UN Global Compact" and why it is important for companies to comply with them.


With our fifth course you will learn how to increase your company's commitment to the environment, eradicate the environmental risks related to your activity and calculate your carbon footprint and how to develop a strategy to reduce your emissions.

In this sixth environmental course we suggest you learn about the role that companies play in the ecological transition and the opportunities it presents, understand how the new regulations on circular economy and waste can affect your company and how you can move to these circular models.


We must not forget that the SDG targets also address social issues. Therefore, we recommend this course on how to work on gender equality in your company. You will learn what framework of equality standards affect your company and how you can develop a plan for implementing these gender equality guidelines.


Nestlé has launched its Sustainability Academy, a series of educational sessions that focus on different topics related to the environment. The main objectives of these trainings are to disseminate, raise awareness and make understandable key concepts related to climate change, recycling and packaging, sustainable use of natural resources, regenerative agriculture or sustainable diets, among others.


Ecoembes training platform offering courses on fun topics such as LCA, landfill, environmental communication, circular economy, packaging and regulations.


In this Masterclass with INÈDIT identify the basic knowledge about the environmental impact generated by the business activity to make conscious and sustainable decisions in the company. In this session you can also learn about the current legal framework on environmental assessment as a key element to comply with regulations.


In the SeoBirdLife training portal we can find different courses that are continuously changing. There are both classroom and online courses, and they deal with topics such as Identification of birds of prey, Introduction to ornithology or the secrets of bird migration. Prices vary according to the course.