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We bring you the best news about companies and financing. The leading companies in sustainability and the best options for you to finance your projects. Enjoy your content about companies and financing.

Companies of interest

Ecovending is a Valencian company that is a leader in sustainable solutions to the problem of reusing single-use plastic containers. They have their own vending machines with which you can refill your containers of different products without having to use a new one each time. They also offer solutions for swimming pools, hospitality, automotive and pets. To find out more click here.

Onerz is an app that allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and thus reduce your climate impact. In addition to meeting various sustainable development objectives, Onerz allows you to know what impact each food you buy has, how to reduce your electricity consumption.... To get the app, click here

Private Financing


This Spanish incubator supports all kinds of sustainable projects. They provide different tools: investment, a workspace, specialised support, the methodology to make a business succeed... To participate, click here.


Acciona, a leader in sustainable solutions and infrastructure, has a fund for environmentally friendly start-ups. They have contributed to the growth of many start-ups, working on creating a real pilot of the value proposition, receiving funding and mentoring from professional entrepreneurs. To participate, click here

Sabadell Sustainable Fund

Nowadays most banks offer financing for sustainable projects. Sabadell is one of the best options, the bank itself offers financing for projects with a minimum of three or four years of projection as well as specialised accompaniment.


Public Funding

The Life programme is a European Union programme dedicated to the environment and climate action. It finances sustainable projects. To participate click here

The Biodiversity Foundation regularly calls for applications for grants in the field of biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development. To participate click here 

Moves 2 is an aid programme for energy efficiency, mobility and sustainable building. Launched last year by the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE), this programme provides grants until 2023 to business projects related to these areas. To participate click here.