Best sustainability podcasts

Welcome to our platform of reference in the search for knowledge and reflection on crucial issues for our planet. Discover the best podcasts on sustainability, where innovation, environmental awareness and action come together in a symphony of voices passionate about the future of our world. Explore our carefully curated selection of the best programs addressing sustainability-related challenges and solutions.


A podcast on climate change hosted by Danish Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen. He invites some of the world's leading experts, policy-makers and activists to share their ideas to address the challenges of climate change and discuss possible solutions.

What is climate change? What can I do to help stop climate change? In this new podcast series, scientist and activist Dr. Ciarán O'Carroll (Extinction Rebellion) explains the science and answers frequently asked questions about climate change in a series of bite-sized podcasts.

Podcast series on sustainable entrepreneurship. Offered by different entrepreneurs of the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem, we can find podcasts from the most innovative sustainable companies, to how to apply sustainability to a small family business.

In this podcast they try to educate and raise awareness about sustainability, recycling or climate change through interesting interviews. Thanks to the clarification of these concepts, they teach us what is our role in the circular economy.

Series of podcasts, hosted by Guillem Bargalló, in this program we find interesting interviews to social entrepreneurs and experts in the world of sustainability.

It is a podcast about how to take care of the planet that explores issues of ecology, minimalism and zero waste, and provides tips, reflections and ideas for minimalist living. With new episodes every Sunday at 9:00, it has never been easier to buy sustainably, reduce waste, and save.

Saigu Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics brand, which runs this podcast, they believe that empathy and respect for people, the environment and animals are the engine of change; they invite experts, entrepreneurs, influencers and others: such as Heura Foods, Jenny Rodriguez, Vivir Sin Plástico.

Hora Verde talks about the environment, sustainability and renewable energies. They are interviews of less than an hour and the personal reflection of Germán Martínez. In each podcast he deals with different topics: food, cosmetics, fair trade, greenwashing, etc.

A space for learning about topics related to how to lead a more sustainable life. Here we learn from experience but above all from mistakes and imperfect but eager activism.