Environmental volunteering

Do you want to volunteer in the environment? We bring you a list of opportunities and best volunteering, so that you can carry out activities in Spain and the Valencian Community. 


The World Wide Fundfor Nature (WWF) is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1962 that works for the conservation of the environment.

Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. Enjoy the best courses in environment.

SEO/BirdLife organizes several volunteer programs for birds and nature, among which are: Bird Monitoring Programs, "Wings over Water" Program (wetland volunteering), National Park Volunteer Program, Riet Vell Reserve Program, Carraca Popular Census, and collaborates with the Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program.

The Ecosfera volunteer group is dedicated to environmental volunteer work. The volunteers of the Ecosfera group carry out environmental conservation and awareness activities.


Hiking trips to the mountains of Madrid as a way to promote environmental education and healthy leisure, cultural activities related to respect for the environment, such as ornithological guided tours... Collaborations with local environmental associations as well as workshops and recreational activities with recycled materials.

Do you want to volunteer in a national park? The Universidad Autónomo de Madrid, offers volunteering to take care, clean and preserve all the national parks in Spain. The conditions are to be over 18 years old, in good physical condition, it is free and you can spend 7 to 16 days volunteering.

Web portal where you can find dozens of environmental volunteering in Catalonia. From bird monitoring, to beach cleaning, forest cleanups...


The volunteers who collaborate with us participate in a wide range of outreach and awareness activities: cleaning of our natural environment or wildlife releases within our rehabilitation and population reinforcement programs, to awareness campaigns, educational workshops, and various scientific outreach activities and events.

Initiatives aimed at different groups of our society, aiming to disseminate and raise awareness about the protection of our natural environment. Cleaning of beaches such as El Saler, Sagunto and Puzol.

The GEA Volunteer Association was born in 1995, characterized by an ethical and humanistic sense of service to society, nature and life, offers incredible volunteer work in the environment.

At GEA, voluntary action encompasses the integral care and preservation of the planet and the beings that inhabit it. We try to ensure that our actions are imbued with an attitude of solidarity, harmony, fraternity and respect for nature.

The BIOagradables Association is a group of environmental activists. Its main activity is the organisation of monthly beach clean-ups, in order to rase awareness about the impact citizens have on the environment. They also organise talks and workshops for educational centres (schools) and lectures for the general public.

"We are a group of people who join together to organise educational, environmental, recreational and social activities aimed at different sectors of the population,to encourage the participation of citizens in sustainable agriculture. By creating a network of environmentally-friendly orchards and providing alternatives that promote food sovereignty, we push for the respect of sustainable harvesting practices as a basic pillar of sustainability."

The European Solidarity Corps helps young people participate in EU projects both at home and abroad.

Most of the opportunities consist of cross-border volunteering activities. The projects address a wide range of issues: environment, health, inclusion, digital technologies, culture or sport.

The Spanish Red Cross(CRE) is a not-for-ptofit humanitarian organization, part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which aim to alleviate human suffering through immediate action.

Greenpeace is an international environmental NGO, founded in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada, and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

It campaigns around the world on issues such as sustainable farming, forests, climate change, anti-consumerism, democracy and counter-power, disarmament and peace, and care for the oceans.